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PPC or pay per click is that the advertising technique on that most net campaigns are based primarily, like advertising on Google. This model was a true revolution for advertisers since they had to “shoot blindly” investment budget in campaigns whose results couldn’t be measured with certainty. 

In short, PPC may be an essential thought to grasp digital selling. However, does one recognize precisely what it consists of, what blessings it’s, and how it’s applied? Let’s examine it

What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click may be a digital advertising model within which the publicist pays associate degree quantity (fixed or determined by auction) whenever a user clicks on one among their ads to go to their web site. The concept of a pay per click campaign is to “buy visits” to a similar web site, typically with the idea of generating an identical action in users (registering or shopping for a product, for example).


Although PPC may be a pretty standard possibility, it’s not the sole potential payment model for online campaigns. Therefore, it ought to be distinguished from others, such as:

PPM (payment per thousand): the publicist pays a hard and fast quantity for every thousand impressions, that is, anytime the ad is shown thousand times to users. We tend to bear in mind that with this model, we tend to don’t savvy a lot, of we tend to procure every visit since it’s potential that those thousand impressions generate several clicks, few or none.

PPA (pay per acquisition): the publicist pays for every time the user performs an exact action, downloading an application. Therefore, the link between value and objectives is even additional evident than within the case of PPC.  Visit since it’s potential that those thousand impressions generate several clicks, few or none.

PPA (pay per acquisition): the publicist pays for every time the user performs an exact action, downloading an application. Therefore, the link between value and objectives is even additional evident than within the case of PPC.

CPC or value per click

CPC is that the worth the publicist pays for every click on their ad. Here worth will be united for every click or determined through an auction. Within the second case, the publicist establishes a bid or most worth that he’s willing to procure every click. The system compares the ad with similar ones supported by its quality and the worth they’re willing to pay and displays the winning ad 1st.

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More Information about SEO

1. Search engines
2. Websites, blogs and portals
3. Social Networks

1. Text ads
2. Graphic banners
3. Video ads
4. Rich Media and other varieties

1. SEA (Search Engine Advertising): search engine advertising
2. Display Advertising. Online advertising on third party sites:
1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Retargeting
3. Remarketing
4. RTB (Real-Time Bidding)
5. Google display
3. Advertising on social networks. Promotional ads within them
4. Price comparison. Online stores advertise their products on sites specialized in comparing prices

1. CPC (Cost Per Click) is better known as PPC (Pay Per Click), where a maximum amount per click is established.
2. CPM (Cost per Thousand). Also known as CPT (English acronym for cost per thousand), is the Cost Per Thousand impressions
3. CPA (Cost per acquisition). This is paid when a user makes a purchase or an efficient action on the web (also known as PPP: Pay Per Performance). The rates for this model are negotiated with the company that offers the service.
4. CPL (Cost per lead). This is paid when a user acts such as registering their data through a form, subscribing to a newsletter and the like.
5. CPV (Cost per Visitor). This is the price for each visitor that comes through advertising on the internet
6. CPV (Cost per Visit). Price advertisers pay for each site visit that passes through the ads in an online advertising campaign
This rough outline of internet advertising strategies does not reflect the true complexity of the available media, but it can help orient non-specialists.
Each strategy has its strengths and weaknesses since the ideal configuration changes depending on the type of company, available budget, defined objectives, reference market and other factors.
The online marketing sector continues to grow as a whole in terms of total investment at the European and global levels.
They mainly rely on various web advertising solutions to increase online sales. Sometimes the best strategies are not identified immediately; it is necessary to test different web marketing techniques and measure them.
For this introduction to digital advertising and website promotion services, point 3 is worth examining: types of online campaigns.
Online advertising: types of campaigns

Adwords ads can be textual, graphic banners and promotional videos. Only text ads can be served within the Google search network and only when users type selected keywords in campaigns.
The payment model most used in Google Adwords campaigns is Pay Per Click (PPC). With this method, advertisers set a maximum to offer in the advertising auction, and the costs are applied after a user clicks.
The cost per click and the click rate (CTR) depend on the advertisement's quality, which Google evaluates through Ad Rank and Quality Score. If a published ad does not receive any click, the cost is zero, with the benefit of having been seen.
Google Adwords allows you to publish ads in different formats on sites that belong to the Google display network (AdSense). The choice of the websites where the ads are seen depends on the advertiser, whose task is to take advantage of all the information that the system makes available (demographic, geographic and behavioural variables) to select the most relevant target groups.
Due to the vast potential audience accessible on Google networks, pay-per-click advertising through AdWords has become an essential tool for online marketing.
It is also possible to advertise on search engines through Search Retargeting, which consists of publishing advertisements aimed at users interested in specific topics and product groups while visiting other sites. On the Internet. Since user groups in search retargeting are based on their browsing habits, this is an excellent form of online behavioural marketing that guarantees good returns and high click rates (CTR).

Publishing internet ads on different web pages satisfy the need to attract potential customers in contexts that are considered consistent with the chosen audience and bring them to our website. A company that sells cell phone accessories, for example, has every interest in advertising on sites that sell cell phones.
In the past, how this promotional technique was used were entirely artisanal and required direct contact between advertisers and publishers.
Currently, this type of negotiation occurs through digital platforms and intermediary companies that manage compliance with supply and demand, in addition to the criteria on which advertisements are published.
Without the intention of being exhaustive, the primary display advertising techniques are:
Affiliate marketing. It is a type of online advertising that consists of publishing promotional banners, video advertisements, other types of advertising advertisements (pop-ups, rich media, etc.) on web spaces offered on third-party publishers' sites and channels. This exchange occurs through an intermediary company that manages the affiliate program and makes its platform available to automate the process. In this way, advertisers can have a powerful tool to manage their campaigns and monitor costs. The typical cost model that is established in affiliate marketing is based on performance. Intermediation services are not charged until users generate practical action on the advertiser's company site (acquisition, newsletter sign-up, PDF download, video viewing, etc.).
Retargeting campaigns. Ads are served when an advertiser sells webspace. The peculiarity of retargeting is that it shows the advertisement only to people who have previously visited the advertiser's site. It can be done to recover unfinished conversions, offer alternative acquisition opportunities for a profiled target, reinforce brand recognition, etc. In the same way as affiliate marketing, there are companies that specialize in this type of online marketing strategy, including Google Adwords.
Remarketing campaigns. Unlike retargeting ads where the network "chases" users who have already visited your company's site without producing practical actions, retargeting ads are aimed at an audience of consumers or active users who trust the brand.
Remarketing campaigns seek to create consumer loyalty and strengthen customer relationships. This online advertising strategy is not only a service managed by companies and agencies but carried out independently by directly targeting users who have registered in the company's email database.
RTB or Real-Time Bidding. It is a digital marketing model that allows you to acquire auctioned advertising spaces in real-time with numerous advertisers. These auctions have initially been organized only for areas that could not be sold that have not received an offer. At present, this model is also consolidating itself in the premium space market. As well as the retargeting and remarketing models, RTB is run by specialized companies that serve ads on networks of sites affiliated with the program. The advantage of this type of internet advertising is the possibility of acquiring advertising space at a lower price than other types of display marketing. Its payment model is CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).
Google show. We've hinted at this model before: it's acquiring the advertising area on sites connected with Google and that they are a part of the Adsense affiliate program. The Google show service is managed through the Google Adwords platform.
The varied class of show advertising encompasses alternative sorts of online campaigns, like search retargeting, already mentioned on top of, that follows users in search engines. Thus, it can't be thought of as show advertising but rather a set of the ocean. (search engine advertising), that is successively a part of SEM promoting (a class with every kind of programmed marketing).

While social media promoting is that the strategic use of such online channels and communities for promotional functions, social media advertising consists of running industrial advertisements specifically on these networks. It is often a method more and more employed by corporations that obtain to require advantage of social networks' peculiarities and capture the general public's eye. Branding, increasing user participation, promoting services, increasing visits and conversions to the company website are a number of the goals that are advertising campaigns through social networks purpose.
The main advantage of online advertising on social networks is the use of geographical, demographic and psychographic knowledge of users. This info is provided directly by users or extracted from their activity on these channels, allowing the net banners to be personalized and directed to an extremely targeted audience.
The most well-liked social channels wherever you'll be able to advertise on the web with intelligent results are:

• • Facebook
• • Youtube
• • LinkedIn
• • Twitter
• • Instagram
Each social network offers its internal ad management interface with specific options perpetually updated to administer advertisers and businesses to many powerful tools and higher ROI opportunities.
The ad formats vary consistent with the social channels. They will be matter, graphic, video or alternative variants. The foremost standard price models ar Pay Per Click (CPC) and value Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Social networks offer helpful knowledge to observe the results of advertising campaigns. Group action this info with web site traffic knowledge is that the best thanks to optimizing online campaigns and calculate come on investment (ROI). In some cases, corporations specializing in retargeting campaigns provide the chance to retarget on Facebook and alternative social networks, additionally to their usual affiliate website networks. It is often doable due to trilateral agreements between social networks and these online advertising intermediaries. Social networks enter the retargeting circuits during this approach, providing an additional area to achieve customers and users.
Social media advertising could be an apace growing branch of online advertising that guarantees to soak up increasing shares of net advertising budgets by businesses of all types.

Ecommerce websites have the chance to effectively promote their product and services by affiliating with worth comparison sites. The merchandise catalogues of online stores are enclosed in their databases, turning into accessible to users through internal searches on the sites and directly from external search engines.
Price comparison will be thought of as a kind of net advertising resulting from virtual stores pay to publish their product lists and gain visibility on the net. Worth comparison sites do not sell something; they only show product listings from totally different eCommerce sites that belong to the identical class. Usually, every product's advertising shows the publicist's worth, image, characteristics, and descriptions.
All the ads within the product lists will be compared and filtered by worth or alternative classes. It represents a beneficial service that permits users to save lots of time and sometimes cash. Once a user clicks on an advert, they're sent to the corresponding virtual store page, wherever the chosen product will be purchased.
Many worth comparison sites apply a pay-per-click model referred to as a flat fee: the publicist and publisher agree that a total is got every click.
Promoting a web store through worth comparison sites provides an essential supply of holidaymakers and offers excellent, more extensive visibility on the web. E-commerce stores that don't seem to be scared of facing competition push this promotional strategy to extend sales and improve wide recognition.
Advice and management of online advertising
It will be inferred from this short guide that the web advertising trade is extraordinarily various and consistently increases in new and complex ways. Specialized corporations typically manage every kind of digital advertising service, agencies and professionals WHO assist their purchasers attain their objectives. A company should entrust someone to its staff with the supervision and coordination of all internet marketing activities. Suppose for organizational or budget reasons. It is impossible to have an internal expert in the organization. In that case, it is better to entrust this management to a company or agency specialized in PPC.
When a company needs to launch an international pay-per-click campaign in several countries, it can entrust the localization service management to a multilingual consultant specialized in online marketing.
Before planning any internet advertising and launching PPC campaigns to promote the company's website, it is worth noting that it should be optimized to respect accessibility and usability standards.
A functional and practical website is a requirement for any digital marketing campaign to achieve its goals.
In the same way, it is recommended to take care of the website's positioning in search engines through SEO optimization. A good internet positioning of the product and service pages saves money by avoiding the need for PPC campaigns to compensate for the lack of visibility in organic search results.
Last but not least, company websites need to be equipped with monitoring systems such as Google Analytics to analyze user behavior and measure online advertising campaigns' performance.
This implementation is a priority.
The management and analysis of web data make a difference when carried out by specialists. 

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